643- Everyone else is
Posted December 7, 2018 at 12:00 am

Happy Friday, friends! New page is up!

I've been working extra hard the past few weeks producing lots of content. I want to get back to 2 day updates by the new year. I'm doing my best! It's important to build a queue, so this is the only page going up this week.

644 is already inked, it just needs the text and shading to go up. 

If I owe you a commission, thanks for your patience. I'm getting those out as soon as I can. Time sure flies. This whole year just flew by! 

I was hoping we could get a book 3 kickstarter out by the spring, but I'm not sure considering this pace we're on. Can we do it? CAN WE?

Thanks for your support! See you next week with a new page!



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