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posted Sep.10.14 at 06:00 am

 Hey all, it's update day! 

Today's update is a cute and funny guest comic by Theo Windslow! Theo draws the webcomic, Magician and Rabbit.  Thanks so much! I love it!


Now, we just got back from Cincy Comicon this weekend, and it was a lot of fun!  We met a few readers, made a few readers, met some new people, saw some people we knew, and had some stickers, comics, and prints for sale! Thanks so much who everyone who came!

Everything sold at the con last weekend is now on sale in the NalemArt store!

OH and I saw my sculptor professor there from college, who is now teaching First Year Seminar and his textbook is Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics. SO JEALOUS. I GRADUATED TOO EARLY. But yeah, he asked me to come speak sometime to the class about comics! So excited. It should be sometime in October at Thomas More College.

UNTIL THEN THOUGH... we're busting our butts to finish this book AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. We want to get back to 3 days a week as soon as next week. We also have a convention coming up in October, WIZARD WORLD AUSTIN COMIC CON, OCTOBER 2-4th! On top of that, Freelance and job stuff. Wish us luck, everyone! We love you guys!


Hope we see you then! Take care! See ya next week!




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