September 18th- Hey all! We'll be at Anime Weekend Atlanta September 30-October 2nd!! Hope we see ya there!

posted Sep.18.16 at 01:37 am

Hey all! We're back with a new page and the last page of chapter 21!

Whew. What a few weeks this has been. Still in physical therapy. I'm not sure how the progress is going. My body's still pretty tender. But the better posture is definitely preventing future injuries, so I guess that's something!

I started my new job this week and I love it! I'm a switchboard operator. I actually haven't started transferring calls yet, I'm still in training. But I like my manager, my co-workers, and the place has some great food within walking distance. Also the bus ride there, while kind of long [60-90 minute ride each way] and early [the express to Cincinnati only runs between 6-7am] the rides are wifi enabled so it's a pretty relaxing 90 minutes. I'm looking into getting a more portable tablet to work on the go [my laptop is WAY too heavy on my really tender back] and honestly, it's slow as shit. So I'm thinking a Samsung Galaxy Note tablet or a Surface Pro [definitely leaning toward Samsung]. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10" is FASTER than my Windows 7 laptop. How sad is that? Haha.

My manager is also fine with us doing other things while times are slow/calls aren't coming in. One of those things for me, will be comic drawing/writing. He actually encouraged it and brought it up at my interview. It was so amazing, I can't explain how great it is.
Yeah, it's nice! Everybody's so chill too. And with the way the job is structured, I can work on comics, and stop stressing about finding freelance work. Just comics from here on out. [well, as best as possible while I heal].
I know it's only been 2 days, but I feel pretty happy. I can focus all my creative attention on comics again! 

But right now, I need to ice my back and get some rest. New page later this week! See ya then! Thanks for reading!

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