8/20: Page 439 will go up Wednesday August 27th! -nalem

posted Aug.20.14 at 02:45 pm

Hey all, new page!

Man, it's been quite a busy time, so this will be the only comic this week. To give you an idea of what needs to be done, here's my to do list.

-Finishing up the book. Still have to finish up the coloring, the bonus pages, and the cover. Megan Lavey Heaton  will be assembling the book, which is TERRIFIC. You rule, MEGAN.

-complete Kickstarter rewards 

-Do freelance work for my bosses [10 pages of comics, animate 2 scenes for a program and draw 6 commissions

-Start 2 new jobs in 2 weeks

-draw 3 new sticker sets for the upcoming con

-Going to Cincy Comicon September 5-7!

-Going to Austin Comic Con October 2-4

And I'm not even including things like eating, sleeping, and dog walking. I like being busy though! So it's not too bad. Once I finish the book, that'll be a big weight off. Unfortunately, the book probably won't be ready for Austin, but you'll at least get the PDF. I should also have the physical rewards if all goes well!

Anyway, gotta get back to work now! 

See ya next week!


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