Lighter than Heir - Story Guide

Chapter 1 - Introduction (link) pg 1 Meet Zeppelin Von Schultheiss, the egomaniacal future savior of the world. Help us.
Chapter 2 - First Day (link) pg 14 First day of boot camp and Zeppelin already has enemies. 
Chapter 3 - Shackled (link) pg 36 The military is all about teamwork, but Zeppelin and Emmerich don't want to follow the rules. So they'll have to learn the importance of sticking together... the hard way.   
Chapter 4 - Game Night (link) pg 57 It's mail call! Time to sit around, have some fun... and blow some steam.
Chapter 5 - Cut Loose (link) pg 77 Just when Zeppelin thought her troubles were bad, things come crashing down.  
Chapter 6 - Assorted Training (link) pg 108 There's some suspicious stuff going on during training hours.
Chapter 7 - Hard Feelings (link) pg 135 The recruits happen to find some of Zeppelin's actions hard to swallow.
Chapter 8 - The Plural of Volant (link) pg 162 Zeppelin learns she's not so unique afterall.

Chapter 9 - Involuntary Discharge (link) pg 213 It's always a wise idea to leave your baggage at the door.
Chapter 10 - Brecha (link) pg 225 Basic training is over and the newly promoted privates are put on their first mission. 
Chapter 11 - Martino (link) pg 256 The first mission proves to be quite a bumpy ride.
Chapter 12 - Fire Talk (link) pg 291 The privates reflect on the mission so far.
Chapter 13 - Astray (link) pg 300 Emotional stress proves to be too great.
Chapter 14 - Hurdles (link) pg 332 The privates reach new Martino, but trouble isn't far behind. 
Chapter 15 - Trapped (link) pg 362 Life has a funny way of punching you in the face. 
Chapter 16 - Collide (link) pg 387 A rescue mission is a bust. 
Chapter 17 - Meltdown (link) pg 410 The Zamorans decide to show off some of their new toys, while the Steiners have some of their own. 
Chapter 18 - Homecoming (link) pg 441 The privates return home to lick their wounds and brace themselves for the worst.



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