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Volume 1


01 -Introduction
Meet Zeppelin Von Schultheiss, the
daughter of the great hero of Steinbech.
02 - First Day
Zeppelin's first day of boot camp
isn't exactly what she expected.
03 - Shackled
Don't make the drill
sergeant angry.
04 - Game Night
The men's barracks have a little too
much fun.
05 - Cut Loose
Zeppelin discovers she has
a new problem.
06 - AWOL
Someone seems to be defecting.


Volume 2  


 07 - Brecha

The soldiers are out of boot camp
and put to work.

 08 Martino
Something's going down in this town.


Taking a breather after such a
hard week deems difficult.

10- Astray.
Some feelings die hard.
11- Hurdles.
Bad choices lead to some bad consequences.
12- Trapped.
Sometimes life has a way of punching
you in the face.

When life hits its lowest low
[so far.]
When life is hell, it's up to us
to get ourselves out.


  Guest Comics

Here's a guide to comics drawn by guest artists!

Note: These are not canon with the rest of the story, but still fun, so check them out!

Veronica Vera Spanio Jab Bers



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