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Volume 1- Boot Camp

Chapter 1- Zeppelin

Begins with 001- Introduction


Chapter 2- First Day

Begins with 014- Entschuldingung!


Chapter 3- Shackled

Begins with 036- Jumping Jacks


Chapter 4- Game Night

Begins with 057- Mail Call!


Chapter 5- Cut Loose

Begins with 077- FREEDOM


Chapter 6- Assorted Training

Begins with 108- Roth it up


Chapter 7- Hard Feelings

Begins with 135- Dinner


Chapter 8- The Plural of Volant

Begins with 162- Paranoia.


Chapter 9- Involuntary Discharge

Begins with 213- Why Always With the Hitting

Volume 2

Chapter 10- Brecha

Begins with 225- Brecha


Chapter 11- Martino

Begins with 256- Mogul.


Chapter 12- Fire Talk

Begins with 291- Primitive.


Chapter 13- Astray

Begins with 300- Fantasy World


Chapter 14- Hurdles

Begins with 332- Too Much Nature.


Chapter 15- Trapped

Begins with 362- Dangerous Work.


Chapter 16- Collide

Begins with 387- What's Coming


Chapter 17- Meltdown.

Begins with 410- Outnumbered


Chapter 18- Homecoming.

Begins with 441- Until Further Notice


Volume 3

Chapter 19- Retribution

Begins with 471-Night Vision



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