633- Little help
Posted August 28, 2018 at 08:00 am

Aaaand we're back! Thanks for your patience. Let's see what's happened on my end since the last update...


-Got a car and my driver's license [note: not in that order]

-My family adopted a new puppy 

Her name is Zoey. We're not sure what mix she is.

-We were promoted on Griffin and Rachel McElroy's podcast: Wonderful! It's hilarious and so sweet and I love the McElroy bros. 

-Updates to the Patreon have been made! Now it charges instantly for new patrons so no more waiting til the end of the month to get rewards!

and I've managed to increase my productivity. Working at a call center leaves a lot of dead time to do other things [e.g. draw] and I managed to find a comfortable app to work on comics in at my cubicle, so I've been able to pencil and ink pages at my job. This has allowed me to draw/ink about 6 pages in the last week and a half, so this comic hiatus will be over soon! Yay!

Fun times! Hope all is well on your ends! Thanks for your support!



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