471- Night vision
Posted April 22, 2015 at 06:45 pm

 HEY GANG! Today book 3 begins! 

Wow, so much has happened since we last spoke.


1] The Lighter than Heir physical book is now on sale in our store! Also, our store is back up and we're adding new stuff regularly! 

2] We are confirmed for 3 conventions! 

Derby City Comic Con
June 20-21st
Louisville, KY

Cincy Comic Con
September 12-13
Covington, KY

Small Press Expo
September 19-20th
North Bethesda, MD

3] There are only 2 books left to ship! [Actually 5, but 3 backers need to respond to their surveys!] 

4]... oh, I guess that's it? Hm. Oh! Cosmo's responding to his current cancer treatment! Fingers crossed, we hope he can get better!

Just busy busy busy! Have to wrap up a Kickstarter commission, getting book 2 together, Patreon exclusive comics, and freelance! Gotta dash! Hope you like the new page! 

That's all for now! See ya Friday!



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