5/25: Hey all! Nalem here! New job has been keeping me busy but I haven't forgotten you. Comics are delayed until June. I need some time to work on them.

627- Boot Camp Reunion
posted Apr.10.18 at 05:08 pm

New page day!

GOOD LORD. FINALLY. My laptop is lagging so much. Ugh. So much patience. 

So thank you all, friends and fans alike who have ordered/donated/supported me through this dire time. The emergency commissions have been helping me out quite a bit! It's been so awesome.

"Nalem, what the hell are you talking about?"

So back last week, I shared this post regarding opening up emergency commissions [full story here] due to falling on some hard times. I'm still accepting commissions for the time being as well.

If you would like to help with a commission, email me at nalem29@gmail.com with your name, description of what you want drawn [with any visual references if you have any] and your PayPal email so I can send you an invoice.

Since plenty of people have asked, I also have a ko-fi account if you would prefer to just donate!

There's also a Patreon and a Redbubble shop full of all kinds of colorful merchandise!

 Any help is appreciated, even just by sharing the initial post

You can contact me via email at nalem29@gmail.com


Thanks again for your help! 

New page Friday next Tuesday! I need a little time to build up a queue. 

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