5/25: Hey all! Nalem here! New job has been keeping me busy but I haven't forgotten you. Comics are delayed until June. I need some time to work on them.

590- With pleasure
posted Mar.14.17 at 03:11 pm

Hey everybody! New page is up! Thanks for your patience. Long story short, with the jetlag and the time change and all of the work I did before, during, and after the con, I was pretty burnt out by the time I got back. Also spiral staircases suck to draw. 


Here're some notable bullet points since last week

  • ECCC was a successful con for us! Thanks for coming to see us, we will definitely be trying to return for future appearances!
  • Seattle rocks!
  • Kickstarter rewards have started getting shipped out
  • Breath of the Wild's a blast to play! 

That's all for now. I got ECCC commissions to finish up, Kickstarter rewards to keep shipping out, and other work. Oh yeah, and taxes. Gotta do those. Sigh.

Thanks, all! See ya Friday with more comics!

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